Volume-1 - Issue-2
S.no Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
1 Community analysis of key pests associated with mentha crop at sitapur, U.P. India Syed Arif Sultan, Mukesh Sehgal , Sumitra Arora , Anand Singh, D.S. Srivastava India 1-6
2 Numerical simulation model of solar air heater using ansys-14 Radha Kant , Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Sumit Chawla India 7-21
3 Thermal modelling of three stage vapour compression cascade refrigeration system using entropy generation principle for reducing global warming and ozone depletion using ecofriendly refrigerants for semen preservation R.S. Mishra India 22-28
4 First law thermal performance improvement of vapour compression refrigeration using nano materials mixed in R718 in secondary circuit and eco-friendly refrigerant in primary circuit R.S. Mishra India 29-32
5 Selection model for material handling equipment’s used in flexible manufacturing system Radha Kant, Rajiv Kumar Sharma India 33-39
6 A thermodynamic analysis of ejector type vapour refrigeration system using eco-friendly refrigerants R.S. Mishra, Ankit Dwivedi, Shadab Ahmad India 40-48
7 Thermodynamic study of R134a in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System in Summer Climate Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey, R.S Mishra India 49-53
8 Vibration analysis of laminated composite beam based on virtual instrumentation using LabVIEW Mohd Atif Jamil , Najeeb-ur-Rahman, M. Naushad Alam India 54-57
9 Effect of process parameters using friction stir processing /welding of steel- A Review R.S. Mishra, Tanusha India 58-63
10 Comparative study of parabolic trough collector through MWCNT/H 2 o nanofluid and water R.S. Mishra, Harwinder Singh India 64-70
11 Sensible heat energy storage technology using low cost locally available thermal energy storage packed bed materials for space heating and crop drying Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Mishra India 71-77
12 Modeling of variable speed compressor vapour compression refrigeration system using ecofriendly refrigerants and nano refrigerants and water cooled condenser-evaporator with experimental validation Prof. (Dr.) R.S. Mishra India 78-84

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