Volume-1 - Issue-3
S.no Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
1 Exergy and energy analysis of modified organic rankine cycle for reduction of global warming and ozone depletion R.S. Mishra, Yunis Khan India 1-12
2 Thermodynamic analysis of vapour absorption system using waste heat of gas turbine plant with intercooling R.S. Mishra, Mayank Agarwal India 13-24
3 Sensible heat energy storage packed bed systems from waste materials for space heating and crop drying R.S. Mishra India 25-29
4 Experimental performance evaluation of vapour compression refrigeration system without nano particles Radhey Shyam Mishra India 30-36
5 Vapour compression refrigeration systems using nano materials mixed with R718 in secondary circuit of evaporator for enhancing thermodynamic performances Radhey Shyam Mishra India 37-48
6 Experimental investigation for enhancing thermal performance of vapour compression refrigeration system using nano fluids R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 49-60
7 Frequency analysis of flood flow in krishna river using gumbell distribution at vijayawada station, andhra pradesh, India Khan Mujiburrehman Saudi Arabia 61-64
8 Fitting hourly rainfall using various distribution and evaluation of best fit for mumbai region Khan Mujiburrehman Saudi Arabia 65-69
9 An area efficient and low-power parallel processors on a chip B. Sireesha , M. Jagadeesh and Vijaya Sree India 70-74
10 Synthesis, characterization and antidiabetic studies of Co(ii) glimepiride complex I.E. Otuokere , K.C. Amad Nigeria 75-80
11 A Review on Authorship Profiling Approaches K. Kotaiah Swamy, E.Ravi Kuma Paper withdrawl 81-92
12 Remarks on 3 -prime near-ring involving * - involution Moharram A. Khan , Aishat O. Aliyu Nigeria 93-96
13 Evaluation of antioxidant activities by use of various extracts from abutilon pannosum and grewia tenax leaves in the kachchh region Mital K. Aadesariya , Vijay R. Ram , Pragnesh N. Dave India 97-112
14 Molecular electrostatic potential, partial atomic charges and geometry optimized energy of streptozocin, a DNA alkylating agent Ifeanyi Edozie Otuokere, Victor Okezie Ikpeazu and Kalu Kalu Igwe Nigeria 113-117
15 Methods for improving thermal performances of vapour absorption system using heat pipes R.S. Mishra, Ankit Dwivedi India 118-125
16 Second law analysis of super critical power plant using entropy generation method R.S Mishra, Prashant Bansal India 126-134
17 Exergetic performance and parametric evaluation of simple linde liquefaction system using different gasses Radhey Shyam Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 135-141
18 Utilizing nano-material in selective surfaces to scalable up the absorptivity Rasheed Nema Abed, Nabeel KhaDum Al-Sahib, Abdul Jabar. N. Khalifa Iraq 142-149
19 Decline in global solar radiation with increased sunshine hour in Abia state Nigeria Chukwuemeka O. S , Asiegbu A. D Nigeria 150-154
20 Exergy analysis of orc integrated combined cycle power plant with single pressure heat recovery steam generator R.S. Mishra, Yunis Khan India 155-162
21 Thermo physical property of nano-refrigerant: preparation, thermal characteristics, and applications R S Mishra, Rahul Jaiswal India 163-170
22 Effect of manganese and niobium macro-additions on the structure and mechanical properties of aluminum bronze (Cu-10%Al) alloy Nwaeju, C. C, Edoziuno, F. O ., Okoubulu, B.A Nigeria 171-180
23 Structure-activity relationship and virtual screening of monosubstituted lamivudine with HIV-1 reverse transcriptase Ifeanyi Edozie Otuokere , Victor Okezie Ikpeazu, Kalu Kalu Igwe Nigeria 181-186
24 Inorganic Poisons and Treatment: A Review of the Literature Zainab Hussain , Amamer Redwan , Salam Mohammed , Nany Hairunisa , Emad Yousif Iraq 187-192
25 Experimental and theoretical investigation of the particle size effect on XRF intensity for some metals nanopowders in liquid media A.Kadhim , Ahmed A. Al-Amiery , Razi J.Alazawi , Raid S.Jawad Iraq 193-198
26 Synthesis of copper –graphite composite using friction stir processing and evaluating parameters effecting hardness and wear R.S. Mishra, Anshul Jain, V. Jegenathan, Ranganath M.S India 199-208
27 Friction stir welding/processing studies of aluminum alloy & titanium 64 R.S. Mishra & Preeti Rani India 209-217
28 Effect of nickel addition on the structure and mechanical properties of aluminium bronze (cu-10%al) alloy Nwaeju, C.C., Edoziuno, F.O., Oyibo, A.O., Edibo, S Nigeria 218-225
29 Effect of base sand particle size on the properties of synthetic moulding sand Edoziuno, F.O., Akaluzia, R.O., Odoni, B.U., Nwaeju, C.C. Nigeria 226-230

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