Volume-1 - Issue-4
S.no Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
1 Production of biodiesel from palm kernel oil (PKO) using sodium-ethoxide: The effect of time P.F. Tarbuka, Ovonomo Onocha, E.O. Ohimor Nigeria 1-4
2 Formylhymecromone and formylumbelliferon as corrosion inhibitors Abdulhadi Kadhim, Ahmed K. Al-Okbi, Khalid S. Rida, Ahmed A. Al-Amiery Iraq 5-8
3 Thermodynamic (Energy-Exergy) analysis of combined cycle gas turbine power plant (CCGT) for improving its thermal performances R.S. Mishra, Amit Singh India 9-24
4 A new approach for component retrieval from reuse repository using R-tool Dr. Jasmine K.S, Ravi Teja India 25-29
5 Utility of thermodynamic (exergy-exergy) analysis in cryogenic systems for liquefaction of gases: A Review R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 30-42
6 Synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles via sol-gel method Hadeel K. Thanoon, Kadhim A. Hubeatir, Ahmed A. Al-Amiery Iraq 43-45
7 Synthesis of copper –graphite composite using friction stir processing and evaluating parameters effecting hardness and wear Radhey Shyam Mishra, V Jeganathan Arulmoni, Ranganath M.S India 46-53
8 Friction stir processing of magnesium alloys used in automobile and aerospace applications R.S. Mishra, Sumit Jain India 54-62
9 Design of organotin (IV) complexes derived from ciprofloxacin Duaa Ghazi, Emad Yousif Iraq 63-65
10 Experimental investigation on friction stir welding of copper alloys R.S. Mishra, V Jeganathan India 66-78
11 Fabrication of al 6082/SiC composite for microstructure, micro-hardness, tensile strength and wear properties using multi-pass friction stir processing R.S. Mishra, V Jeganathan India 79-94
12 Thermodynamic performance comparison of six cryogenic systems R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 95-103
13 Improved collin system for liquefaction of helium R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 104-110
14 Energy-Exergetic performance and parametric evaluation of Haylent liquefaction system using different gasses system R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 111-125
15 Thermodynamic (energy-exergy) analysis of hydrogen liquefaction system R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 126-131
16 Database intrusion detection system: An Overview Jamal Mohammed Kadhim, Hadeel Alaa Iraq 132-134
17 Exergy analysis of dual compressor linde system R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 135-147
18 Thermodynamic analysis of kaptiza cryogetic system R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 148-159
19 Impact of TQM practice on performance measurement Radhey Shyam Mishra, Rakesh Kumar India 160-166
20 Thermodynamic performance of modified collin cryonic system using energy-exergy analysis for liquefaction of helium gas R.S Mishra, Devendra Kumar India 167-178

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