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1 Determination of trimethoprim by various analytical techniques-A review Amina M. Abass, Sahar Alabdullah, Huda ghalib Salman Iraq 1-4
2 Transformation technologies for Biogas to biomethane: A review Dhruv Singh, Anjani K Dwivedi India 5-7
3 Performance evaluation of single effect Li/Br-H2O vapour absorption systems using multi cascading of vapour compression cycles for ultra-low temperature applications. Radhey Shyam Mishra India 8-38
4 Thermal performance of multi cascaded vapour compression NH3H2O absorption systems for ultra-low temperature applications. R.S. Mishra India 39-55
5 Various analytical methods for the determination of clarithromycin- A review Sarra A. Abrahem, Abdul kader S, Suhad A. Ibrahim Iraq 56-59
6 Numerical analysis and fluid structure interaction of flow around a flat plate at low reynolds number Abhishek Yadav, Arshad Mehmood India 60-68
7 Optimization of Process parameters of friction stir welded joint of dissimilar Al-alloy AA2024 and AA5052 using response surface methodology Abhishek Yadav, Arshad Mehmood India 69-76
8 Energy-exergy performance evaluation of new HFO refrigerants in the modified vapour compression refrigeration systems using liquid vapour heat exchanger R.S. Mishra India 77-85
9 Different analytical methods for the determination of metronidazole –A review Sarra A. Abrahem, Abdul kader S, Suhad A. Ibrahim Iraq 86-90
10 Review on spectroscopic analytical methods for determination of metformin hydrochloride Nisreen Kais Abood, Dalia Mahmood, Amina M.Abass Iraq 91-95
11 Single and multiple cascading of VCRS in NH3H2O vapour absorption refrigeration systems for improving thermodynamic (energy-exergy) performances using five ecofriendly new HFOs and other low GWP refrigerants for replacing R134a R.S. Mishra India 96-104
12 Cloud point extraction spectrophotometric method –A review Dalia. M. Jamil, Evon Akram, Shaimaa bassim, Alaa Shayea Shubram Iraq 105-108
13 Thermal Performance of three stage cascade vapour compression refrigeration systems using new HFO in high and intermediate temperature cycle and R32 ethylene and hydrocarbons in ultra-low temperature cycle refrigerants R.S. Mishra India 109-123
14 New & low GWP eco-friendly refrigerants used for predicting thermodynamic (energy-exergy) performances of cascade vapour compression refrigeration system using for replacing R134a, R245fa and R32 R.S. Mishra India 124-130
15 Analysis of research on amazon AWS cloud computing seller data security Muhammad Talha, Mishal Sohail, Hajar Hajji Pakistan 131-136
16 Multiple output dc-dc converter derived from Cock-Croft Walton voltage multiplier and SIMO converter Abhishek Kanchan Shiwalkar, Shilpa Ravindra Shinde India 137-142
17 Methods for enhancing energetic-exergetic performances of vapour compression refrigeration system using HFO-1336mzz(Z) refrigerant through Nano materials mixed with R-718 fluid in secondary circuit of evaporator Radhey Shyam Mishra India 143-148
18 The analysis of the influence of carboxymethylcellulose on qualitative parameters of paper S.A. Yuldoshov, I.T.Bokieva Uzbekistan 149-153
19 Enhancements in mechanical properties of dissimilar materials using friction stir welding (FSW) - A review Radhey Shyam Mishra, Shivani Jha India 154-160

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