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1 Applications of g*sp-closed sets in topological spaces Govindappa Navalagi, Sujata Mookanagoudar India 464-468
2 Performance parametric analysis of retrofitted Gas turbine cycle using STIG and Evaporative cooling techniques R.S. Mishra, Shyam Agarwal India 469-483
3 Dynamic control of power flow in DC microgrids with the participation of photovoltaic power generation and battery using power converters Nguyen Minh Cuong, Le Tien Phong, Thai QuangVinh Vietnam 484-491
4 Thermodynamic performance of vapour compression refrigeration systems using HFO refrigerants for replacing HFC refrigerants R.S.Mishra India 492-497
5 Mapping of land use system in tegal city Ginanjar Wiro Sasmito, M. Nishom indonesia 498-502
6 Methods for improving thermal performances of vapour compression refrigeration systems using ecofriendly refrigerant in the expander Radhey Shyam Mishra India 503-515
7 Thermodynamic analysis of solar integrated waste heat recovery systems for power generation industry using eco-friendly fluids R.S. Mishra, Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey India 516-526

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IJREI, invites papers form various Engineering & Technology and Science disciplines for vol-2, issue-5, 2018

IJREI Vol-2, Issue-5 July 2018 publication is in process

IJREI received new scientific Journal Impact factor '4.782' for the year of 2018



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