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1 Thermal performances (first law efficiency, exergy destruction ratio & exergetic efficiency ) of cascade single effect ammonia-water (NH3-H20) vapour absorption refrigeration system coupled with vapour compression refrigeration using eco-friendly refrig R.S.Mishra India 1-5
2 Comparison of half effect absorption-compression cascaded refrigeration system using thermodynamic (energy-exergy) analysis R.S.Mishra India 6-11
3 Combustion performance analysis of a diesel engine using preheated ethanol (as a dope), neem oil and diesel oil blend Anshu Agrawal, Arvind Kr. Siddharth, Himani Saxena India 12-16
4 Development of mathematical model to predict the variation of split tensile strength of self-compacting concrete Jaja. G. W. T, Eluozo, S.N, Ezeilo F.E Nigeria 17-25
5 Modeling and simulation of flexure strength of self-compacting concrete modified with fly ash and super plasticizer Jaja. G. W. T, Eluozo, S.N, Ezeilo F.E Nigeria 26-35
6 Modelling of vapour compression refrigeration system (VCRS) by using alternative refrigerants with CuO and without nano materials Radhey Shyam Mishra India 36-41
7 Experimental analysis of microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-8011 by variation of copper content Tauheed Khursheed, Vaibhav Mahendru, Sanjeev Kr Sharma, Ujjwal Vashistha India 42-47
8 Performance improvement of vapour compression refrigeration systems R.S.Mishra India 48-56

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