Volume-2 - Issue-3
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Environmental health infrastructural management for smart India

Umakant, Madhu Raikwar R.S. Mishra India 222-229

Thermodynamic performance enhancement of vapour compression refrigeration systems by using ecofriendly refrigerant (R134a) in primary circuit and R718 in the secondary circuit by mixing Nano particles

R.S.Mishra India 230-233

Gold Nanoparticles: Applications in Photo-Thermal Therapy (PTT)

Zainab Hussain,Raghda Alsayed, Hadeel Adil, Ahmed Al-Hussin, Salam Mohammed, Emad Yousif Iraq 234-240

Friction stir processing of magnesium alloys used in automobile and aerospace applications- A Review

R.S. Mishra, Sumit Jain India 241-248

Antioxidant activity of Vitamins against free radicals

Raghda Alsayed, Hadeel Adil, Ahmed Al-Hussin, Zainab Hussain, Salam Mohammed, Emad Yousif Iraq 249-252

Human resource management in Indian health system: Challenges and Opportunities

Umakant, Madhu Raikwar R.S. Mishra India 253-258

Design of customized additive manufactured exoskeleton for functional rehabilitation in patients with myopathies

P. Balamurugan, C.Bala Manikandan, B. Dhinesh India 259-262

Thermodynamic (energy-exergy) analysis to improve its efficiencies of multiple
stage vapour compression refrigeration systems

Radhey Shyam Mishra India 263-273

An improved algorithm for query driven data allocation in distributed database systems

Vinod Kumar, Anil Kumar Kapil India 274-279

Friction stir welding of aluminum alloy and the effect of parameters on weld quality- A Review

R.S. Mishra, Preety Rani India 280-292

An efficient method for tonic detection from south Indian classical music

Unnikrishnan G India 293-298

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