Volume-5 - Issue-5
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Effect of Different load conditions using detailed exergy evaluations of multi evaporators and multi expansion valved modified VCRS using HFO & HCFO refrigerants.
Radhey Shyam Mishra India 211-231
Dynamic analysis of a RC building on a hilly sloping ground
Syed Muhammad Sulaiman, Zia Faruque India 232-235
Mechanical characterization of friction stir welded joint of dissimilar aluminum alloys AA6061and AA7050
Masood Saeed, Mohd Ubaid Khan India 236-243
Effect of SiC particles on mechanical properties of multi pass friction stir processed AA7050
Mohd Aqib Khan, Umardaraj Khan India 244-249
Concrete mix design with micro silica and its influence on mechanical properties of concrete
Syed Azeem Husain, Rajkiran Singh. Mohd. Moonis Zaheer India 250-257
Electrochemical sensors and its applications
Sahar S. M. Alabdullah, Ahmed Z. M. AL-Bassam, Noora Asaad Iraq 258-262
Application of green chemistry: a review
Omar Salih Hassan, Amina M. Abass, Ahmed Ahmed Iraq 263-268
Bicycle kinetic energy recovery system by using flywheel- a review
Ashish Kumar, Kanchan Kumari, Gaurav Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Bhanu Pratap Singh India 269-274
Parametric evaluation of ultra-low global warming potential fluids used in the integrated solar driven supercritical CO2 cycle combined with Organic Rankine cycle
R.S. Mishra, Yunis Khan India 275-284
EOQ model for cubic deteriorating items carry forward with weibull demand and without shortages
Chandan Kumar Sahoo, Kailash Chandra Paul India 285-290
Parametric study of solar power tower driven combined supercritical CO2 cycle and organic Rankine cycle using low GWP fluids
R.S. Mishra, Yunis Khan India 291-299
Modeling of Dehydration of acetic acid with the help of Artificial Neural Network
Mansour Kazemimoghadam Iran 300-307
Solar energy and its different technique of green extraction- a review
R.S. Mishra, Rajesh Kumar, Mayank Agarwal India 308-316
Thermodynamic performance evaluation of three stages cascaded vapour compression refrigeration systems using ultralow GWP
Radhey Shyam Mishra India 317-321

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