Volume-8 - Issue-1
S.no Paper Name Authors Country Page No Download
Thermophysical property of nano-refrigerant: preparation, thermal characteristics, and applications in the VCR system using HFCO and HFO refrigerants in primary circuit and glycol based nano refrigerants in secondary circuit,
R.S. Mishra India 1-9
A study on unveiling the secrets of exoplanet hunting
Preeti Kalra, Abhendra PratapSingh, Arushi Gupta, Kartik Gupta, Prachi Jindal India 10-15
Reduce antibacterial activity against ceftriaxone resist Escherichia coli isolated from urinary tract infections by modification of ceftriaxone
Marwa Mohssen Khudair Iraq 16-21
Effect of different loading conditions at different evaporator temperatures on thermal (energy-exergy) performances of VCR systems using ecofriendly refrigerants using multiple evaporators with individual compressors and individual/multiple expansion valves
R. S. Mishra India 22-29
Optimization of FSW parameters on mechanical properties of AA6082 and AA7475 by response surface methodology
Prem Kumar, Kalyan Singh, Azazullah India 30-40
Effect of replacing wheat flour with red carrot powder on the physicochemical and sensory properties of cake.
Anwer Ahmed Khalaf Iraq 41-46

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